Hi Lovelies. In recent years, I’ve gone from a hoarder to a minimalist which was no easy feat. When I started my minimalist journey, I had to change my mindset before I could change my environment and I did that by understanding that a cluttered place makes for a cluttered mind and a clean and clear space makes for a… well you get the gist.

Now even when I was a hoarder, there was a method to the madness and I would  always classify my space as “an organised mess” because my OCD meant that I still liked a clean and tidy space and everything had its order, there was just A LOT of it!

When I came across a fun infographic titled “Organised Mess” on all about the organisational characteristics of the star signs in the Zodiac, I had a good read and laugh because it stated my star sign as being unorganised and having a “floordrobe”, two things that would give me anxiety attacks. Being a Gemini, I understand the split personality thing but I would say that encompasses my hoarding and minimalist traits if anything.

If you’re like me, star sign readings only ring true when they actually relate to you at that point in time but curiosity always get the better of me wanting to know what they predict so be sure to check out what your star sign says about your organisational skills, tongue in cheek no less.

Organisation is all about efficiency and order which is supposed to make things easier for you in your daily escapades, whether at home or at work. If you find that you’re constantly stressed even doing what should be the simplest of chores, there’s probably a lack of organisation in the scheme of things.

Firstly decluttering and narrowing down everything you have to only the things you NEED and LOVE will start the process off quickly and although it will be extremely tough at first, it will make you more efficient with decision making in the future. Get rid of things that don’t serve you, serve a purpose or bring you joy and if you haven’t used it in the last year, you most likely don’t need it.

Once you’ve got only the things you’re more likely to need, use and enjoy, sort them into areas that are easily accessible and ready to see and reach because I guarantee if you pack that Nirvana t-shirt away in your loft, chances are you’ll never wear it and if you pack your stationary away in the storage cupboard, you’ll be at the stationary store in a week because you’ll forget you already have 3 staplers (who needs 3 staplers anyway?).

You’ll find that the less you have, the easier tidiness and planning becomes because there’s less to fuss about. When you have less stuff, that one pair of heels out of the 3 you decided to keep will look out of place when you don’t put them away as opposed to when they were nestled amongst the other 30 pairs you used to have lying in the middle of your room.

Strangely, I’ve found it easier to make more choices with less stuff, I no longer get a headache just from planning how I’m going to organise my masses of stuff because I no longer have masses of stuff. And I’ll share a not-so-secret secret with you that I found through minimalism, it’s actually so much easier to be messy when you have so much stuff because everything just blends in but having only what’s important naturally forces you to be organised because you can see everything. P.s. shoving it all into a closet so no one can see it isn’t organisation, it’s a facade.



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