Nail Trends 2017 - Twynkle Loves

Happy Friday Lovelies and in the words of every person alive “thank God it’s Friday!” After a hectic week, you’ll probably be looking forward to either winding down or turning up this weekend, either way you’ll want to look and feel your best doing it. If you’re anything like me, there are certain prerequisites, albeit simple, that ensure that I’m going to feel good enough to have a good time. Simple things like my hair and my nails. Ever noticed that you could look like a hobo from head to toe but as long as your nails are “on fleek” (are we still allowed to use that?) then everything is right with the world? Well this is the power of well tended-to, manicured and styled nails.

I always tell my clients that Style is not simply limited to clothing, it’s in everything that is associated with you, yes even your nails. If you’re wondering what the style trends for nails are this year then keep reading. View Post