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So, after arriving early at the ‘top secret’ venue where the Screen nations christmas party is being held, the party hostesses are primed and styled by us to perfection for service. Having satisfactorily blinged them up, we then freshen up to mingle with an array of guests varying from footballers, actors, agents, models, presenters and businessmen and women.

The night presented major networking opportunities giving us the opportunity to exchange words with Joseph from Harriet Kessie Hairdressing and, Kwame and Charles Thompson of Screen Nations, Sky One’s Project Catwalks Rachel Ritfeld and Premiership footballers, (Did anyone mention WAG!)

So by the end of the night, networked out, tired and hungry, we decide to head on home. Onward to rest for more upcoming work we’ve just arranged, lol, now where’s our diary and pillow?

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